How to make simple outfit into fashionable

 How can a basic clothing be made stylish? I've always been baffled by this query. Everyone wants to look beautiful, I'm sure, but sometimes we're not sure where to begin.


It is impossible for us to survive without fashion. The annual value of the fashion business is $1 trillion. Additionally, it has more than 3 million employees worldwide.
By adding accessories, you may effortlessly dress up or down your clothing. Your clothing gains charm and a whole new level from accessories. Additionally, they help your clothing stand out from the throng.

1. Pick some relaxed-fitting pants.


Pick a pair of jeans that feel comfortable and fit well. Choose a pair of jeans that is not too tight around the hips if your waist is large. You don't want to have to make daily adjustments to them.

2. Select a top.


A fantastic top is a great place to start for any outfit. An excellent shirt should be comfortable to wear and enhance your form. Look for tops that flow down from the waist and are fitting at the bust. Avoid wearing clothes with a tight chest or shoulder fit.

3. coordinating accessories


The perfect approach to complete an outfit is with accessories. Try to coordinate your shoes, jewelry, scarves, and caps. An otherwise plain suit is given color and intrigue by accessories.

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